Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Meaning Behind the Names

To all our tough mudders, brothers and sisters,

When we begun to plan and organize the details of our campaign the very last thing we came to think upon was a name, whether it be individual names or a team name. After considering a few options we landed upon names that we found very appropriate. Now, from reading through our blog we hope you can see that the challenges that we plan to undertake is not about winning, recording times or defeating opposition, we are all about team work, camaraderie and mate-ship. When we think of these terms it is hard not to think about what they relate to, some may think sport, others possibly the armed forces. It was from the armed forces that we developed our names and we are proud to have a meaningful reason behind our names.

HBO's award winning series: Band of Brothers

Apart from being a great T.V. show, Band of Brothers is also a shared favourite between the two of us. It conveys the missions of Easy Company of the U.S. Army 101st Airborne throughout WWII in Europe. On 'D-Day', Easy Company landed during the dark hours of the night in Normandy, ground heavily covered by German troops. Drop zones were heavily missed by the majority of paratroopers and the only way to distinguish friend from foe was a previously agreed upon 'countersign'. A countersign is a verbal exchange between soldiers to determine who's side they were on between Allied troops, words that typically go together are an example, such as the challenge being: 'blue' and the password being: 'moon'. When U.S. troops came across each other after landing, the previously agreed challenge was 'Flash' and the password was 'Thunder'.

Courage, Mate-ship, Endurance, Sacrifice.

Band of Brothers depicted the Allied troops teamwork, camaraderie and mate-ship perfectly, these are the values that we hold most respectfully. In turn Wheelchair Sports WA emit similar values in providing social and sporting opportunities for their members, they are a close knit community that feels more like a family and that is why we are proud to be raising funds for them. It also takes these values to complete Tough Mudder: Sydney 2012, it is no coincidence that we, the charity and the challenge portray the same values. Birds of a feather..

You can donate to Wheelchair Sports WA at -

143 days to go!

 - Flash and Thunder

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