Monday, 11 June 2012

Flash and Thunder: Training Week 6 & 7

To all our tough mudders, brothers and sister,

Many apologies for the absence of presence on the blog for the past 2 weeks, but as uni students we have been off training our minds as much as we have been training our bodies. It has been exam time for the past few weeks, so where we haven't been hitting the gym and training track we have been hitting the books. We have really become appreciative of a quick workout so we spend less time in the gym or training track. But this does not mean at all that we do less, as previously said in past blogs 'the greatest training variable is intensity'.

Recently we discovered what is called the 'Boeing' workout, the reason it is called the Boeing workout is because it uses repetition sets of a 7-4-7 count. This type of workout needs maximum intensity and effort and also requires you to cut down your rest time. This is how it works for example - Squats: you need to figure out using a warm up set what is the maximum amount of weight you can lift for 7 reps (near failure on the 7th rep). Once you have figured out the weight complete 7 reps. As soon as you are finished increase the weight and bust out 4 more reps (heavy enough so you are near failure on the 4th rep), then return back to the original weight and bust out your final 7 reps. BANG!!! You have just done your regular boring 3 sets in under 3 minutes because you had no rest time. How great do you feel? (Don't answer, we already know)

Over the past 2 weeks we have been unable to get down to sprint training with North Cottesloe Surf Club as the study load has been intense, but we have made up for it in our own time with beach sessions, gym sessions and our own sport sessions. As the weather is getting bad it is (as we understand) harder to get motivated to exercise because it is cold, you feel unwell, you have a runny nose (and all those other excuses you tell yourself). Here is what you do, get a gym buddy, a workout pal or a fitness fanatic friend like us. You are more likely to get out and exercise when you are with someone who can motivate you than when you are by yourself. Check out the video below, how many of those excuses have you used?

Just a little something to think about when your exams are finished or your sporting season finishes. It takes as little as 3 days for your body to begin the de-training stages. Whether it is the muscles you have been building, the bulge you have been losing or the endurance you have been increasing, all that hard work begins to go when you decide to take a break. It is important to keep active even when you are in your off season, if you simply want a break from the regular gym, weight loss regime or sports training, you can. What you need to do is replace it with something other that the couch. Get down and do something that you have always wanted to do that will keep you active, train for a tough mudder, have a run down the beach, join a mixed netball team or even just walk the dog that extra kilometer. Every kilometer, rep, set or session counts!

Next week we will have a look at what alcohol is doing to your body in relation to not only your exercise goals but also just your everyday functioning.

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 - Flash and Thunder

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